Meet Our Financial Consultant Team…

“Stop the guessing game about your finances. Most of us starting from a young age were never taught how to spend, save, invest or budget our hard-earned money. We are all just speeding down the road of life (pedal to the metal) and slamming on the brakes when something bad happens. We want to show you how to cruise through life!”

Jeremy B. Nason, CTA, RFC®
President of Found Money Consultants, Co-Founder of the Insurance Pro Shop,  and Independent Agents Insurance Group.  Starting in 1994, he has become an award-winning Financial Consultant, Author, Coach, and Speaker.

Jeremy’s focus is on helping his clients protect their assets, take income, and grow their nest egg most efficiently.

Areas of focus include:

  • Retirement income strategies for lifetime paychecks
  • Social Security optimization to help clients maximize monthly benefits
  • Wealth preservation to help protect what clients have spent a lifetime accumulating
  • End-of-life planning, protecting your loved one from any financial burdens you leave behind.
  • Tax-efficient strategies that help reduce and/or eliminate taxes
  • Wealth transfer to efficiently transfer assets to the next generation

Away from work, Jeremy is heavily involved in coaching baseball (Travel, Rec, and Highschool Feeder Teams) with his son Taylor and an avid Bowler

Insurance Pro Shop Stacey Nason Stacey Nason, CTA
Stacey is a client advocate! Her primary role is to represent and support the interests, needs, and concerns of clients or prospective clients of Found Money Consultants. She acts as a liaison between the clients and the company, ensuring that the clients’ voices are heard, their rights are protected, and their experiences are prioritized.

Jeremy Married his beautiful wife Stacey and have been together for 27 years. Together Jeremy and Stacey have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


Lew Nason, RFC®, FMM, LUTCF
Lew is the creator and co-founder of the Insurance Pro Shop, Independent Agents Insurance Group, and Found Money Management. He is a college graduate in business, with over 4 decades of experience in the financial services industry as an Account Representative, Financial Consultant, Business & Estate Planning Liaison, National Speaker, Consultant, Coach, and Mentor.

Lew has been very happily married to Rosemary since 1968. They have 3 children, 10 terrific grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren.

In 2006, Lew, and Jeremy Nason each received the highest honor awarded by the State of Kentucky for meritorious service to the citizens of Kentucky, ‘The Honorable Kentucky Colonel’.

In 2008, the US Flag was flown over the United States Capitol to honor Lew Nason for his fiduciary work assisting citizens in accomplishing their money goals and related objectives.

Lew Nason on IARFC Register – International Association of Registered Financial Consultants… For Financial Advisors and Planners

In 2011, Lew Nason, was featured in the IARFC Register magazine, Sept. 2011 edition. Lew was featured on the front cover of the magazine.

In 2023, Jeremy,  was featured in the IARFC Register magazine, Nov. 2023 edition. Jeremy was featured in a 2 page member focus editorial. 


“Put our combined 70 plus years of experience in helping Middle American families
to eliminate debt,
reduce income taxes, and plan for their future… to work for you.”


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