Will You Ever Be Able To Retire?

FREE Dinner Presentation will reveal the proven strategies the wealthy
use to eliminate debt, reduce income taxes, and accumulate real wealth.

Exploding national debt, rising health care costs, market volatility and an increased cost of living without an increase in income has left many Americans unable to grow their nest egg and feeling financially insecure. This educational event is designed to show you how to protect your family from these economic concerns without changing your current lifestyle! We’ll teach you ways to eliminate debt and make sure your family has the financial security necessary to weather our current volatile market conditions.

You, Will, Learn How To…

  • Accumulate Wealth – Why the financial advice you’re accustomed to may be holding you back from living debt-free and
    truly wealthy
  • Increase Your Savings – without taking any additional money out of your pocket. Create a significant Tax-Free Retirement
    with no penalties for early withdrawal
  • Protect Yourself From A Volatile Stock Market – Benefit from the upside and guarantee your principal and interest 100%
  • Create Your Own “Bank” – Finance major purchases yourself and save thousands of dollars in interest!

 Call Today, to Reserve Your Seat for the…
“Living Debt Free & Truly Wealthy”
FREE Educational Workshop

Complimentary Dinner Will Be Served!

Join Us… December 5th, 2019 @ 7pm

Rodney’s BBQ Conference Room
4724 Dallas Acworth Hwy, Dallas, GA 30132

The presenters Jeremy Nason, RFC & Alex Villa, RFC are Registered Financial Consultants and are well-
known and respected speakers on a wide range of subjects. Come hear facts, not theory –strategies designed to work.

Seating is limited to the first 20 responders, so make your reservation now!
Call or text 770-299-9658 or email Jnason@foundmoneyconsultants.com

Please include your Name, Phone #, and Email Address as well as the number of members in your party!

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